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A high-touch, 16-week coaching experience for the mission-driven entrepreneur who wants to build their business and life in synergy while increasing their profits.

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"I absolutely loved our time together! You pushed me where I needed to be pushed. You held me accountable and we got a lot done."

Angela R.

━━━ Does this feel familiar to you? 

  • You have a level of expertise in what you do and know you’re making an impact, but you’ve reached a point where your income has plateaued or dipped and you need to course correct.

  • You’re unclear about your next steps to help you grow a profitable business and truly live out the mission God has placed on your heart.

  • If you’re being honest, you feel a bit burned out by the constant spinning of wheels happening inside your head and you know you need to ground yourself.

  • I completely get it, because I’ve been there too.

    There was a time when I was chasing the world and grinding my way to achieve "success". I found myself reaching goal after goal only to be left unfulfilled and felt like nothing was ever enough.

    It wasn't until, I started partnering with God and chasing Kingdom success that I found true fulfillment and began achieving goals operating in a Spirit of Rest.  I realized, I wasn't the only who wanted to build their business for Kingdom impact.

    Here’s what I’ve realized about entrepreneurs who are also serving the Kingdom through their work…

  • We are not about the hustle and grind. We value being able to partner with the Holy Spirit to make decisions from an empowered place that leads us to our bigger vision.

  • We value leaning into our unique, God-given gifts to build profitable businesses that support bigger missions.

  • A website that supports your brand and big vision, helping your most ideal clients feel completely aligned in a decision to work with you

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    The big roadblock that’s holding you back from truly aligning your life and business goals:

    A step by step strategy that provides you the clarity and support you need to create a profitable, sustainable, mission-driven business.


    I enjoyed all of the support that I got without any judgement from Brandie. Brandie would share different business strategies, and I would take time to reflect on those strategies with God the following week and sometimes would feel at peace with doing those strategies and sometimes would feel restlessness in my soul about the strategies and she never "made" me do anything that I didn't feel fit my business model with God. It was great to know that I could voice my opinion of what I felt God was calling me to do and not do and she was there to help me figure out a different strategy or support the ones God has called me to implement."


    10 out of 10! 5 Stars! One of the best decisions I have ever made. Meeting Brandie was truly a divine act of God. She's someone who genuinely cares about helping you succeed in your business and wants to help equip you to do just that by giving you tools and resources to operate from that place of rest for the Kingdom in alignment with God.  I loved how we were able to focus on specific areas that I felt I needed more help. The one on one coaching is catered to your needs.


    I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you Brandie. You have helped me operate from a place of rest, trusting in God for direction in my business. I feel more relaxed. Working with you has given me more clarity, anchored my values, allowing me to prioritize my time around what's really important to me whilst creating a schedule that works for me. You’ve also helped me tap into my skills so I can empower more women to achieve their goals. Thank you so much, I recommend anyone wanting to function and operate from a place of rest to work with you. You’ve taught me how to Shine Bright like a Diamond again!

    Lea B.

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I cannot ever repay you for your time, support, advice, encouragement, and insight. You are definitely in your purpose & God is using you in a mighty way to Rise Women Up for His Purpose alone. I'm forever changed & grateful for this experience & I encourage anyone that needs breakthroughs, healing, and coached to get unstuck to invest in themselves and this program.

    Kimberly S.

    And this is exactly what we do inside Rise Up.

    Welcome to RISE UP

    A personalized coaching approach that allows you to bring your business and faith together so you can live out your bigger purpose while operating from a place of rest and creating a profitable business.

    Let's Partner Together!


  • Phase 1: Realign your life and business

  • During our first few weeks together, we will be building your life and business strategy by prioritizing what it looks like to partner with God and to operate in rest. In this case, rest doesn’t mean “idle,” but being able to make decisions from an empowered place and with your top priorities in mind..

  • Phase 2: Redefine your vision and message

  • Inside phase 2, we will be cultivating your brand message focusing on who you serve, how you differentiate yourself, and what your vision is for the end result. We’ll also build out a drip campaign for your email list that’s getting them ready for the launch of your course.

  • Phase 3: Develop, implement, and launch

  • During the final part of our time together, I’ll support you in building out your marketing strategy to get your message and offer in front of the right people. I’ll walk you through my content framework, support you with launching your offer, and give you a step by step strategy that will help you reach your goals.

  • This program is completely customized to your goals and you’ll also receive access to the Rise to Your Purpose Program as a bonus.

  • By the end of 16 weeks together, your life and business will be operating in synergy while you execute your plan to increase your profits and your impact.

    "Working With Brandie opened my eyes to the lies I was letting Satan tell me. Lies such as be busy, stay busy, keep pushing, you will never be enough, you will never get to your goal. And she pointed to the truth God was telling me. Like talk to God about it. He will provide for me. God has a plan and a timeline that is far better than striving to a goal that leaves me burnt out. Over all Brandie showed me a place of peace and rest in my business. Allowing me to be a better mom, wife, leader, and business owner. Brandie's patient yet firm approach to business is exactly what I needed at this very time."

    JYLL H.

    This is perfect for you if:

    • You’ve been in your industry for at least a year.

    • You have a mission and you want to be obedient to God with a heart for serving.

    • You know a step by step strategy would support you in expanding your bottom line.

    • You are ready for a one on one experience far beyond what a DIY course can provide.

    • You’re ready to do something else with your craft. You have a level of expertise or mastery in something, now you want to expand upon it.

    This is not ideal for you if:

    • You are brand new to business and haven’t sold anything yet.

    • You don’t have a vision from God.

    • You don’t want to partner with God in your business.

    • You don’t want to build a kingdom-driven business

    • You’re all about the hustle (sorry, but that’s not what we are here for)

    This is your time to build a business that serves a bigger purpose and allows you to live out your own mission.

    Let's Partner Together

    Hey there, I’m Brandie!

    Founder of Victorious Entrepreneurs Rising

    Brandie is a wife, mother, and multi-passionate entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience. She is Co-Founder of Victorious Entrepreneurs Rising and a Certified Radiant Leader through Girl Power Alliance. She is co-creator of the “Rise to Your Purpose” Devotional, Podcast, and Signature Program.

    She helps women learn how to use social media in a way that is authentic and feels in alignment so they can stand out confidently and get results in their business through organic marketing strategies.

    When working with Brandie, she will help you set up systems for your business, and gain clarity around your purpose and brand message for your business as you partner with the Lord so you can pursue your God-sized dreams, operate in a spirit of rest, and create Kingdom Impact.