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We are Brandie & Natalie

We are authors, podcasters, speakers, and and create resources to help you build a profitable online business that aligns with creating Kingdom impact and operating from a place of rest.

We are sisters who grew up in a small town with big God sized dreams inside of us.


Though we both prefer to reside in the slower, country lifestyle, it has not stopped us from creating Kingdom impact around the world. We want to help you do the same too with your marketplace ministry.

When we started in our entrepreneurial journeys in the Network Marketing industry, we both quickly found success and found ourselves chasing after the accolades, bonuses, and vacations this industry has to offer. After years of hustling and grinding our way to success, we realized we were doing it ALL WRONG!

We weren't partnering with God in our lives AND businesses and quickly found burnout, resentment, and frustration with ourselves and our businesses. It is then, God pulled our hearts back to Him and lead us down the path we are on today; doing everything we do in partnership with God with the main purpose to create Kingdom Impact and measuring success with our level obedience NOT our outcomes.

This lead to the creation of our signature program, Rise to Your Purpose, which teaches women how to build a profitable Network Marketing business in synergy with your core values using biblical principles and strategies. 

Since then, we have expanded with our Rise to Your Purpose 30 day devotional for women who want to shine their light in the business world and our Rise to Your Purpose podcast where we share strategies for the mission-driven entrepreneur build a business that creates Kingdom impact while operating in a Spirit of Rest.

We love partnering with women in the marketplace believe you can build a profitable online business AND create Kingdom impact.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower mission-driven entrepreneurs to build profitable businesses with streamlined systems so they can operate more in rest than hustle.

We do this in 5 Unique Ways:

Programs |  We created our Signature Program, Rise to Your Purpose, with the ambitious Network Marketer in mind who wants to partner with God in their faith and business! This is a self-paced eight week program that teaches you how to build a profitable online Network Marketing business using biblical principles and strategies that will keep you operating in synergy with your core values and impacting the Kingdom.

Coaching |  Brandie loves serving women in a 1:1 capacity. She offers two unique coaching packages; Rise Up and Victorious Systems. Rise Up takes you on a 16 week customized journey where we will partner together to realign your life and business, redefine your vision and message, develop, implement, and launch your offer. Victorious Systems takes this customized journey one step further by adding in a "done for you" system management aspect where you will also leave with a completed website, offer funnel, course portal, and email sequence nurture campaign for your signature offer.

Devotional | Our interactive 30 day devotional is for the women who want to shine their light in the business world. We believe you were created for such a time as this, and your God-given gifts are needed in the marketplace right now. This devotional will empower you to grow deeper in your partnership with God as your rise to your purpose in the marketplace.


Podcast |  Rise to Your Purpose podcast is for the mission-driven entrepreneur looking for biblical principles and strategies to build a profitable business that creates Kingdom impact while operating in a Spirit of Rest. You'll get to hear from leading industry experts who will share the wisdom they've gleaned through building a business the Kingdom way.

Partnerships |  We believe there is no competition in the Kingdom. This is why we are so excited to be partnered with Girl Power Alliance. GPA is a global organization for Christian women who want to grow personally and professionally with Christ-centered resources and coaching. Join us inside the Girl Power Alliance membership platform for self-paced courses and live group programs and coaching calls that will enhance, equip, and empower every area of your life.