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A 16-week program for the mission-driven entrepreneur where hands-on support + systems combine to bring your course or program from idea to ready-to-launch.

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"I just wanted to share a praise report with you. The email sequence worked. I have two conversions that I'm working on right now. Praise God! Thank you for all of your help. I couldn't have done it without you."

Amber Felix-Clark

━━━━ This may sound familiar: 

  • You’ve been in business for a handful of years, serving clients in a one to one setting and you’re ready to build out a one-to-many offer.

  • You’re completely overwhelmed by the tech that’s needed to support your growing business and your systems are scattered which makes it hard to think about expanding to add anything else to your business.

  • The thought of building out a course or program makes your head spin, you’re not really sure where to start from the layout to the tech systems in between.

  • Here’s what’s really holding you back from expanding your impact and your income:

    Having a strategic partner to take the systems management off your hands to streamline so you can operate fully in your zone of genius.

    Which is why I’m so glad you’re here because you can’t just build your course and hope students will come. Let me help you see the bigger picture…

    Imagine if you had:

  • 5 more hours back in your week because you have automated, streamlined systems in place that help your business run smoothly

  • Someone who could bring your course or program vision to fruition, setting you up to launch seamlessly so you don’t have to stress

  • A website that supports your brand and big vision, helping your most ideal clients feel completely aligned in a decision to work with you

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    But most of all, imagine if you had sustainability in your business that supports the lifestyle you want to live. One where you can operate from a place of rest and peace, knowing everything is running easily even when your hands aren’t on your business at every moment.


    I loved it! I am very thankful for working with Brandie because without her, It would have taken me a lot longer to complete my program. She is great with IT support and keeping me accountable to my business goals. It was really nice to have someone on my team during this process who truly wants to see me succeed and serve others.


    I absolutely loved our time together! You pushed me where I needed to be pushed. You held me accountable and we got a lot done.


    10 out of 10! 5 Stars! One of the best decisions I have ever made. Meeting Brandie was truly a divine act of God. She's someone who genuinely cares about helping you succeed in your business and wants to help equip you to do just that by giving you tools and resources to operate from that place of rest for the Kingdom in alignment with God.  I loved how we were able to focus on specific areas that I felt I needed more help. The one on one coaching is catered to your needs.


    Excellent! You are the first coach I have ever had that not only have I had breakthroughs with my mindset, my business, but also I have had major breakthroughs with my faith, which is priceless to me.


      Hear from Josh Clark -

    • "I knew that I something was missing. I was very impressed with what I heard and saw. Brandie delivered on every promise she made to me and I feel confident in what I now have to grow and scale my bussiness."

      Josh Clark - CEO of Free and Fearless Financial Solutions


    The 16-week one on one experience where I’ll help you build your course or program from scratch, streamline the systems that make it function, and have you ready-to-launch by the end of our time together.

    Let's Partner Together!


  • Phase 1: Healing in Synergy

  • During this phase, it’s my goal to help you get your life and spirit together. We’ll determine your priorities to make sure your life and business are functioning in synergy to support you operating at your highest capacity. We’ll also create the space needed for you to gain clarity on what this course or program will create for the lives of those you serve. This phase sets the foundation for our partnership and how we will lean on the Holy Spirit throughout this process.

  • Phase 2: Brand Strategy & Launch Lead Up

  • Inside phase 2, we will be cultivating your brand message focusing on who you serve, how you differentiate yourself, and what your vision is for the end result. We’ll also build out a drip campaign for your email list that’s getting them ready for the launch of your course.

  • Phase 3: Course Buildout

  • Here’s where it gets even more exciting because you start to see your course come to life. During this phase, we will build your curriculum and the necessary systems to support the course functionality. The best part: all you have to do is create the lesson curriculum, I handle the rest. We’ll also build an email sequence that will support your students who enroll to help boost completion rates.

  • Phase 4: Launch Strategy

  • In the final phase, we are preparing your audience for the launch of your course! Your email list has already been receiving the drip campaign we set up in phase 2 so now we focus on the bigger picture marketing strategy. I’ll help you work through your content and launch plan, setting you up for success with your pilot launch.

    "Amazing! I would highly recommend working with Brandie if you are looking to build systems and websites plus coaching. I loved her undivided attention and focus on building my coaching program for Domestic Violence Survivors and also implementing around my core values."

    Angeline C.

    This is perfect for you if:

    • You’ve been sitting on your idea for a while, just waiting for the nudge to go for it (here’s the nudge!)

    • You can see the vision, but HOW to bring it to life feels foggy (that’s where I come in)

    • You’re ready to get some of your time back to be able to rest, be with your family, or just operate further in your zone of genius within your business

    • You have a God-sized dream and you’re not sure how to live this out. You want to walk obediently in this, but need support to do it.

    This is not ideal for you if:

    • You’re brand new to business with no existing audience

    • You don’t have any kind of existing offer or have not been profitable in your business

    • You love having multiple systems to have to sift through and you don’t want to switch to anything new

    • You don’t want to build a kingdom-driven business

    • You’re all about the hustle (sorry, but that’s not what we are here for)

    Over the course of 16 weeks, you will:

    • Work one on one with me on a weekly basis 

    • Have a revised, simple, easy to use 4 page website that reflects your brand’s mission 

    • Walk away with a landing page funnel for your new course or program (complete with a checkout page and thank you confirmation for your signature offer)

    • Have a complete, ready-to-launch course or program with curriculum loaded and ready for students

    • Have an automated 5-7 email sequence for the funnel itself or for post-purchase

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    Hey there, I’m Brandie

    Founder of Victorious Entrepreneurs Rising

    I am a wife, mother, and multi-passionate entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience. I am the Co-Founder of Victorious Entrepreneurs Rising and an ICF Certified Radiant Leader & Life Coach through Girl Power Alliance. As co-creator of the “Rise to Your Purpose” Devotional, Podcast, and Signature Program, I help women learn how to use social media in a way that is authentic and feels in alignment so they can stand out confidently and get results in their business through organic marketing strategies.

    When working with me, I will help you set up systems for your business, and gain clarity around your purpose and brand message for your business as you partner with the Lord so you can pursue your God-sized dreams, operate in a spirit of rest, and create Kingdom Impact.

    I’ve created a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs who want to bring a course or program to life. From the vision to the launch, I’m supporting you in a hands-on, done for you way. Throughout our time together, I’ll ask you questions to help you fill in the pieces you may not have even considered yet. By the end of our time, you’ll feel equipped to bring clients into your course and they’ll have an incredible experience on the other side.